Thivya 3 Seater

Thivya 3 Seater

One of our signature collection, Thiva is a design that combines classic chesterfield concept with modern touch, which we then call modern chesterfield. It reduces but still retains the significant button-element from chesterfield concept, which results in a more comfortable visual effect and easier to fit in most of the interior.


It's been widely welcomed as it's fabricated with high-tech leather lookalike fabric, also supported with solid structure for a long lasting and the best durability possible.


All cushion is fixed and not detachable to keep the sofa shape well mainted. An overall very tidy, neat, proper and slightly formal sofa, ideally for user who enjoy everything in nice order.


Thiva is available in 3 sizes as in Stool, 2 and 3 seater.
The largest (3 Seat) goes up to 7.5ft only which makes it suitable to fit in most of the room with smaller sizes.

Length - Approx - 2286mm
Depth - Approx - 915mm.

RM3,780.00 Regular Price
RM2,980.00Sale Price