hatch husty  sofa

hatch husty sofa


Inspired by our collection Oban Sofa. This Onna shares the same size but with different idea on the back cushion - with additional headrest. Onna comes with our siginature push-back function backrest. Push it backward and sit in deeper with your legs on the sofa to enjoy the maximum comfort, or bring it forward when the occasion requires a more proper seating posture.


Fabricated with high quality textured fabric and supported with solid mechanism as well as the structure for a long lasting and the best durability possible.


Originally designed in 2 (also known as 2.5 Seat since it's longer than usual 2 Seat's size. Seater sized, but also available in 1, 2 and 3 Seater.

  • Size

    2.5 Seater (As Photo):
    Length (Left to Right)  -  2100
    Depth  -  1200.

    1 Seater:
    Length (Left to Right)  -  900.
    Depth  -  1200.

    ( in mm )

  • Material

    High quality micro-fibre fabric.
    High density foam and cushion.
    Solid wood frame and structure.