Liner Sofa

Liner Sofa

One of our siginature sofa with push-back function backrest. Push it backward and sit in deeper with your legs on the sofa to enjoy the maximum comfort, or bring it forward when the occasion requires a more proper seating posture. It's a very modern and functionable sofa, widely welcomed and suitable for user of all ages.   


Fabricated with high quality textured fabric and supported with solid mechanism as well as the structure for a long lasting and the best durability possible.


It's originally designed in Corner 4 Seater size. Yet this model is only made to oder, thus other sizes are also available, user may choose according to their room size. 

Corner 5 Seater  -  12'6" long x 8' wide x 4' seat depth.
Corner 4 Seater  -  10" long x 8' wide x 4' seat depth.
Straight 4 Seater  -  11" long x 4' deep.
3 Seater  -  8'6" long x 4' deep.
2 Seater  -  6' long x 4' deep.
1 Seater  (No Armrest)  -  2'6" x 4' deep.